Welcome to My Website!

I am a health economist that dabbles in various aspects of discrepancies in care, biases of treatment, competition among providers, and spatial analysis.  I recently defended my doctoral thesis dealing with the urgent care market.  I work as a post-doctoral research position with the National Bureau of Economic Research dealing with health disparities among Native Americans during the onset of the pandemic using geolocation and hospital admission data.

My dissertation examines the placement & competitive mix of urgent care centers amongst hospitals, physicians, & specialists.  Current research interests center around spatial modeling and multi-period treatment effects of difference-in-difference modeling in quasi-experimental designs.  I enjoy teaching microeconomics, macroeconomics, healthcare economics, statistics, game theory, and business economics.  I wish to incorporate law and economics, anti-trust, and econometrics into my teaching schedule.

Hobbies of mine include woodworking, social dancing, photography, drumming, and sprint cycling.  The picture to the right is a pizza peel for a friend using ten different woods.  It reminds me of a sunrise over dunes.

Please take a minute to look around and feel free to contact me.  I am always open for new and creative collaborations.  

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