Welcome to My Website!

I am a health economist that dabbles in various aspects of discrepancies in care, biases of treatment, competition among providers, and spatial analysis.  I recently defended my doctoral thesis dealing with the urgent care market.  I work as a post-doctoral research position with the NBER dealing with health disparities among Native Americans during the onset of the pandemic using geolocation data.

My dissertation examines the placement & competitive mix of urgent care centers amongst hospitals, physicians, & specialists.  Current research interests center around spatial modeling and multi-period treatment effects of difference-in-difference modeling in quasi-experimental designs.  I enjoy teaching microeconomics, macroeconomics, healthcare economics, statistics, game theory, and business economics.  I wish to incorporate law and economics, anti-trust, and econometrics into my teaching schedule.

Hobbies of mine include woodworking, social dancing, photography, drumming, and sprint cycling.

Please take a minute to look around and feel free to contact me.  I am always open for new and creative collaborations.  

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