Urgent Care Location Determinants, Spatial Competition, Market Concentrations, and Changes in Patient Preference

My PhD dissertation is focused primarily on the urgent care market.  I have three main topics that I am exploring:

Chapter 01 deals with the changing landscape for providers offering quick and convenient care and patients wanting an 'on-demand' style of care.  The history and growth of the urgent care market over the last 20 years is examined in how it could be replacing the 'medical home' and main role performed by physicians.

Chapter 02 deals with the determinants that influence the location of urgent care facilities.  Spatial analysis is performed at the census tract and county levels, incorporating a few different two-part statistical models to control for both the presence and abundance of urgent care.

Chapter 03 deals with spatial competition of urgent cares among hospitals, physicians, and specialists using foot-traffic data.  This study also examines the impact of the pandemic's onset.  Catchment areas are defined by two methods dealing with either provider or patient location.


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Work In Progress

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Media & News

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